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Smoking – A fatal disease

Smoking is one of the lethal causes of numerous dental and physical diseases. As soon as human refrains from it, the risk of death reduces. According to scientists, quitting smoking before age 40 can reduce risk levels by more than 90% whereas quitting smoking before age 30 reduces the risk of more than 97%. Tobacco contains specific chemical formulas which are death causing and are highly harmful to the human body. The intake of tobacco or chewing of it is the major reason behind 85-95 of oral cancers. Due to its number of disadvantages, it is restricted by the professional
dentist as well as the amateurs.

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Tobacco results in numerous oral diseases including bad breath, periodontal disease, tooth discoloration, build of dental plaque and delays the healing time period of surgeries and treatments. Other than the oral health, it affects the other organs of the body and results in lung cancer, leukemia, cervical cancer, cancer of kidney and liver,cancers of mouth, throat, bladder, stomach cancer, coronary heart disease, diabetes, etc.

Smoking is a major reason for infant death syndrome, premature deliveries, and abortions. The other consequences are menopause in women and sperm abnormalities and impotence. According to the dentist, smoking is the only most preventable reason for illness and death. 30% of the cancer diseases and 90% of the lung diseases are caused by smoking. In the case of smokers,the risk of heart attack also increases.

For the prevention of the intake of tobacco, it is important to seek help. Tobacco contains nicotine which is an extremely addictive compound due to that leaving the habit is not simple. To make the process a bit easy, the consultancy of dental doctor will be wise as no other person will make the process easier than the doctor and the dentist.

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